About Us

We are a people of the word and prayer.
We work diligently and excellently.
We are people of integrity.
We are a giving church.
We are accountable.
We have a global view and dedicated to missions and evangelism.
We value ministry materials, reading and writing.
We uphold a culture of honor.

Our Vision

To raise a generation of believers with a gospel culture who will enjoy a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

Our Mission

To preach the gospel to all nations and generations, using all available platforms to minister the love of God from our neighbourhood.

Our Story

Aflame Gospel Assembly had its inaugural service on 18th March, 2012 at City Royal Resort Hotel in Kampala, with a record attendance of 120 people, the first sermon to be preached by Pastor Robert Ssesanga, the President and Founder was about our heritage in Christ Jesus.

At the beginning of the Church, we had many University Students who became part of the Church. With so many trainings conducted by the man of God Pastor Robert Ssesanga, many of these Students were grounded and trained to become effective ministers and Leaders. The transformation in these Ministers was so phenomenal and evident. They gained boldness and confidence that they never had before. The hunger and yearning that they had to learn was so great and they submitted themselves to the training of Pastor Robert Ssesanga and the greatness in them soon showed.

Today, the once University students have become great and influential leaders who are very profitable to the Ministry.

We celebrated 5 years of existence on 18th March, 2017. The 5 years were celebrated in style, with a Cocktail Dinner in Sheraton Hotel, Kampala. During the dinner, ministers were awarded for their excellence, commitment and diligence. God has done marvellous things in our midst. We have witnessed an increase in the glory of God upon us, in influence, in numbers; every year we have impacted our communities at higher levels. We thank God for the opportunity that He has given us to transform lives of so many people with the different strategies given us by the Spirit of God.

Through the years, Pastor Robert has tirelessly preached the same message about God’s goodness and grace. The Church has continually grown in membership and the impact its making is steadfastly spreading even to the other parts of the world by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Over the 5 years, Pastor Robert Ssesanga by the inspiration of the Spirit has received the prophetic word of the year which we have witnessed come to pass.